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Dr. Rustom Kanga

Dr. Rustom Kanga, the President and Founder of Xiper Innovations Inc., is a research scientist and product development professional with extensive knowledge in the Graphic Arts (Printing), photopolymers, UV cure, polymers, and specialty coatings industries.

He has a proven track record in innovation with 22 US and 30+ European and PCT patents, accompanied by a vast experience in international business practices. With his Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry and Executive MBA, Dr. Kanga brings a well-rounded background of corporate experience and educational credentials to Xiper Innovations.

Dr. Kanga has continued his commitment to innovation by leading a number of critical research initiatives in diverse areas such as the use of Microreplication for Graphic Arts, elastomers for Direct Laser Engraving for Flexographic printing applications, and other innovations. These projects have resulted in several patent applications currently under examination.


Dr. Kanga’s Patent Portfolio Highlights

Our Innovations highlighted by issuance of more than 22 US patents and 50+ European and PCT patents in widely diverse areas such as Photopolymers for Flexographic Printing, Digital Coatings for Flexography, In-The-Round (ITR) for Flexography, Microreplication Applications in Flexographic Imaging, Laser Engraving of Elastomers, UV curing systems, Anti-microbial coatings, and recently, Polymer reinforced composite wood structures.

Some of the issued patents (and applications) are listed below:

Disinfectant with Durable Activity Based on Alcohol-Soluble Quaternary Ammonium Polymers and Copolymers

US 8,343,523 (01-01-2013)

Printing Sleeve with an Integrated Printing Surface

EP1701851 (08-31-2011)

Method of Forming Photosensitive Printing Sleeves

EP1709488 (11-02-2011)

Laser Imaged Printing Plates

US 6,916,596 (7-12-2005)

Processless Digitally Imaged Photopolymer Elements using Microspheres

US 6,989,220 (1-24-2006)

Printing Sleeve with an Integrated Printing Surface

US 6,966,259 (11-22-2005)

Processless Digitally Imaged Printing Plate Using Microspheres

US 6,806,018 (10-19-2004)

Laser Imaged Printing Plate Comprising a Multi-layer Slip Film

US 6,367,381 (4-9-2002)

UV-absorbing Support Layers and Flexographic Printing Elements Comprising the Same

US RE 39835 E (9-11-2007) of US 6,413,699 (7-2-2002)

Multiblock Copolymers for Flexographic Printing Plates

US 5,304,458 (4-19-1994)

Method Of Making Laser Imaged Printing Plates Utilizing Ultraviolet Absorbing Layer

US 5,925,500 (7-20-1999)

Photosensitive Elastomer Polymer Compositions for Flexographic Printing Plates

US 5,550,005 (8-27-1996)