We have over 20+ years of experience in R&D and Product Development of photopolymers and radiation cure systems specializing in Flexography. We have worked on a number of critical research initiatives in Digital and In-the-Round (ITR) technologies and with radiation curable photopolymers. This has resulted in more than 20 US patents and applications, and 50+ PCT patents.

Digital (DTP) Technologies for Flexography

All aspects of Digital (DTP) Technologies for Flexography Carbon Black based laser imageable mask coating on polyester substrates for Digital Flexographic printing plates

ITR Technologies

All aspects of ITR (In-the-Round) Technologies for Flexographic photopolymer sleeves Carbon Black based laser ablative mask solutions (LAMS) for ITR Flexographic printing sleeves

Sheet Photopolymers for Flexographic Printing

High end, wide image latitude sheet photopolymers for conventional and Digital flexography mainly for the Tag and Label markets Photopolymer Cap for capped Sheet Photopolymers for Flexographic Printing- both Conventional and Digital- having superior image fidelity and ink transfer characteristics

Liquid Photopolymers for Flexographic Printing

Development of liquid photopolymers for Corrugated printing (Shore Ao 38) Development of liquid photopolymers for Book and Stamp printing (Shore Ao 55)