Xiper Innovations Inc., is committed to innovation especially in the field of Graphic Arts and Flexography. Some examples of our diverse innovative projects are given below. For additional information, and to start a dialog for further collaboration, please contact us.
  • Microreplication Applications in Graphic Arts
  • Direct Laser Engraving for Flexography
  • Digital Coatings
  • Antimicrobial Coatings for Medical Applications
  • Polymer Reinforced Composite Structures
  • Novel Use of Microspheres and other Nanoadditives
Microreplication Applications in Graphic Arts

Microreplication applications in graphic arts for improving image fidelity in relief printing processes. Manipulation of light during imaging due to microstructured surfaces created by microreplication results in actinic light collimation and significantly improved image fidelity. US patent protected!: US8867135B2 image1

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Direct Laser Engraving for Flexography

Elastomers for high resolution Direct Laser Engraving for flexography using 1110 NM fiber lasers (2540-5080 DPI). Image fidelity rivaling Digital flexography. Patent Issued: US8748082B2 image2

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Digital Coatings
Digital Coating solutions for In-The-Round (ITR) Flexography: Carbon black and solvent-based Laser Ablative Mask Solution (LAMS) for use in Digital ITR photopolymer sleeves using various coating application methods such as Spray, Ring and Roller Coating processes Digital Coatings for Sheet Flexographic Printing Plates on Polyester Substrates: Carbon Black based Laser Imageable Mask Coating on Polyester Substrates for Digital Flexographic Printing Plates Digital Coating for Optics: Carbon black and solvent-based Laser Ablative Digital Coating for Optics (LADO) to create an image contrast (IC) layer for rear-view projection television screens, LED and LCD computer screens, and general-purpose display applications
Antimicrobial Coatings for Medical Applications

Regenerable Antimicrobial Coatings Containing Zinc Oxide Binders for Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Solutions used Mainly for Medical Environments. Use of these novel coatings allow periodic regeneration of antimicrobial attribute for coatings by the simple use of peroxide cleaners commonly available in the market

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Polymer Reinforced Composite Structures
Project on Polymer Reinforced Composite Plywood and Laminates for Superior Impact Resistance and superior Physical Properties used in the commercial construction market. Innovation involves in the use of unique polymeric substrates and composites to target specific properties such as debris and impact resistance, high flexural strength, flame retardancy, sound barrier etc.

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Novel Use of Microspheres and other Nanoadditives
Project for the innovative use of microspheres and other additives for the following applications:
  • Reduce the density of certain bio-based resins (PLA etc.) or co-extrudate (PET, PET-G) substrates to allow higher yields at similar weights and subsequent cost benefits associated with this approach to allow accelerated acceptance and implementation of bioplastics to compete with fossil fuel based resins
  • Reduce the density of shrink film to allow recycling using caustic water to remove the labels and skimming the floating labels from water
  • Use microspheres for in-line coatings to allow surface modification and to design non-silicone type release substrates for Polyester and other substrates