UV & EB Cure

UV/EB cure is an enabling technology with endless possibilities. UV/EB offers various advantages such as increased speed, improved productivity and lower costs, environmental compliance (VOC and HAP), minimal toxicological effects, improved adhesion to “difficult” substrates, improved properties such as scratch resistance of the cross linked coating, possibility of allowing “Smart” coatings and ideal for heat sensitive substrates. Some of the projects of interest are summarized below.

Projects of Interest

  • 100% solids UV curable anti-microbial coatings for medical devices and other substrates
  • UV cure coatings for low energy difficult-to-adhere substrates (e.g. polyolefins)
  • High scratch resistant, thermoformable UV curable coatings used for various thermoformable substrates
  • “Smart” UV curable coatings with specific physical attributes or specialty effects such as high scratch resistance, anti-skid, dry erase, magnetic surface, thermoforming, etc.)
  • High opacity, high pigment loaded UV curable inks/coatings
  • UV curable, sunlight and weather resistant glossy over print varnish (OPV) for outdoors POP applications to increase the “shelf life” of Digital Prints
  • Radiation Curable Nail Coatings having specific attributes such as high gloss, durable, high flexibility, excellent adhesion, good clarity, low yellowing, low shrinkage etc.